With 20+ beers on the menu, beer centric is the name of the game at The Main Ingredient. Being the beer lover I am and coupled with great patio seating, TMI will makes for a great hangout after a long day of work. No worries if you’re not a beer fan, the beverage menu also has many wines available by the glass and bottle.

The menu is composed of a few nibbly things, salads and sandwiches. Plus with the most expensive menu item topping out at $10 TMI is definitely wallet friendly.

Marinated with citrus zest, rosemary, garlic, and red pepper, the house blended Olives seem to have been a favorite, we ate them all. Pro-Pasto is an ode to cured meats, cheeses, roasted veggies, more olives, and crostini.

As I sipped my Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale and enjoyed the conversation with my friends, I couldn't help but notice how diverse the other guests were. There was a couple looking like they were on a first date, a group of 20 something’s laughing and enjoying themselves and a smattering of other couples simply enjoying the moment. I couldn't help but smile, what a great vibe.

Rounding off our starters were the Artichoke Heaven and Mindy's Mac & Cheese (technically a specialty but mac n cheese is good for any course, always). The artichoke cheese dip had a hint of spiciness and was served with tortilla chips for scooping. Mindy's mac and cheese was tasty and I really enjoyed the cheesy baked crunchy edges. 

Enjoying more cheese, the Griddled Cheese sandwich is sure to please. A combination of havarti, muenster, and cheddar is topped with tomato but I quickly removed the tomato since I'm a cheese sandwich purist.

Cash Money is a tribute to old school PB&J, but instead uses cashew butter, red pepper Cabernet jelly, and sliced banana on sourdough bread. At first I was going to order this one for dessert but thought better of it. Be sure to order chips with this one, salty and sweet are what this one is all about.

If you love hot dogs, you’ll love eating their Coronado Coney. They take a jumbo Schreiner’s all beef frank, and then top it with red onion and spicy Nut Brown Ale Mustard. I liked the hot dog but kept wishing there was less mustard and more onion, that's just how I roll.

While we were to full for desserts like Triple Chocolate Brownie and the Imperial Stout float will have is coming back for more, more, more (how do you like it).

2337 N 7th St | Phoenix, AZ 85006 | (602) 843-6246 |



11/06/2012 12:33

I LOVE The Main Ingredient!! Awesome beer selection and the food is super yummy!

11/06/2012 12:44

Ari! Thank you for your comments! Im with you, TMI is killer! Speaking of killer, great blog you have!! Yeah!!

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